14-Day Comprehensive Exploration of Sri Lanka

Discover Sri Lanka's rich culture on our 14-day journey. Explore heritage sites, markets, and temples, immersing yourself in its essence and creating unforgettable memories.

Tour's Key Highlights and Features

Embark on a 14-day odyssey through Sri Lanka’s rich tapestry of history, culture, and nature. This
meticulously crafted tour offers intimate encounters with local traditions, historical insights, and natural
wonders. From the urban charm of Colombo to the ancient majesty of Anuradhapura and the wildlife
sanctuaries of Yala, each day unveils a new layer of Sri Lanka’s diverse heritage. Savor authentic
experiences, from cooking with villagers to wildlife safaris and tea estate explorations, all while enjoying
luxurious accommodations and

Discover the Beauty of Sri Lanka

Day 1: Welcoming in Colombo

Morning: Personal greeting at the airport followed by a private transfer to your  hotel.
Afternoon: Begin your journey with a heritage walk through Colombo’s colonial landmarks, exploring the
blend of modern and colonial architecture.
Evening: Indulge in a welcome dinner featuring a fusion of traditional Sri Lankan flavors.

Day 2: Discovering Negombo

Morning: Architectural tour of Colombo, including visits to historical churches and the old parliament.
Afternoon: Travel to Negombo and check into a serene beach resort. Explore the local fishing culture
with a visit to the bustling fish market.
Evening: Return to hotel for a relaxing evening

Day 3: Journey to Anuradhapura

Morning: Depart for Anuradhapura, stopping at a traditional pottery village to participate in a hands-on
pottery session.
Afternoon: Guided tour of Anuradhapura’s ancient city, focusing on its stupa, ancient engineering, and
religious significance.
Evening: Engage in a spiritual cleansing ritual with local monks at a secluded temple.

Day 4: Village Life and Sigiriya

Morning: Interactive visit to a rural village near Sigiriya, involving a traditional cooking lesson and lunch
with a local family.
Afternoon: Climb Sigiriya Rock Fortress, with a detailed narrative on its historical and archaeological
Evening: Relax at your eco-lodge, followed by a night-time wildlife walk with a naturalist.

Day 5: Wildlife in Minneriya

Morning: Explore the medicinal forests of Sigiriya with a herbalist.
Afternoon: Safari in Minneriya National Park, focusing on elephant behavior and conservation.
Evening:Enjoy a delicious dinner while relaxing at the hotel

Days 6-7: Immersive Experience in Kandy

Day 6 Morning: Travel to Kandy, with a stop at a crafts center in Matale to try your hand at traditional
Day 6 Afternoon: Private tour of the Temple of the Tooth, including insights into its rituals and
Day 7: Full day dedicated to exploring the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens with a botanist, learning about
endemic plant species and their uses.

Day 8: Train to Nuwara Eliya

Morning: Board a train for a scenic journey through the heart of Sri Lanka’s tea country, complete with a
tea tasting on board.
Afternoon: Tour a historic tea estate, learning about the nuances of tea production from the plantation
Evening: Stay in a hotel, with a gourmet dinner featuring local produce.

Days 9-10: Adventure in Yala

Day 9 Morning: Drive to Yala, settling into a luxury tented camp.
Day 9 Afternoon: Private guided safari in Yala National Park, focusing on photography and animal
Day 10: Visit to a conservation project in the park, participating in wildlife monitoring activities.

Days 11-12: Historic Galle

Day 11 Morning: Travel to Galle, check into a boutique hotel within the fort.
Day 12: Detailed tour of Galle Fort, including visits to restored colonial homes and interactions with local

Day 13: Return to Colombo

Morning: Leisurely departure for Colombo, stopping at a cinnamon estate to learn about spice
Afternoon: Culinary tour in Colombo, including street food tasting and a cooking demonstration.
Evening: Farewell gala at a historic Colombo mansion, featuring live traditional music and dance

Day 14: Departure

Morning: Relax at your hotel or visit local artisan shops for last-minute gifts.
Afternoon: Private transfer to the airport, farewell by your personal guide.

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