Sri Lanka’s Timeless Festival

of Lights and Elephants


The Historic Splendor of Esala Perahera

Kandy, Sri Lanka. This grand celebration dates back to the 3rd century BC and honors the Sacred Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha, enshrined at the Temple of the Tooth.

The festival as we know it began in the 18th century under King Kirthi Sri Rajasinghe, combining the ancient Esala festival and the Dalada Perahera. Over ten vibrant nights, Kandy’s streets burst with traditional dancers, drummers, fire jugglers, and majestic elephants, including the revered tusker bearing the golden casket of the Sacred Tooth Relic.

Witness Day Perahera

Step into a world of wonder and tradition at the Esala Perahera, Sri Lanka’s most magnificent festival. Held annually in the historic city of Kandy, this breathtaking event brings together centuries-old rituals, vibrant parades, and captivating performances. Witness the streets come alive with elaborately decorated elephants, traditional dancers, and the rhythmic beats of drummers, all honouring the Sacred Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha.

The Kandy Esala Perahera Festival 2024 Here are the Scheduled Dates.

Here are the Scheduled Dates..

The Grand Randoli Procession

Kumbal Perahera

The first night of the Kumbal Perahera features the initial procession with vibrant dancers and drummers.

10h August 2024

06:06 PM

2nd Perahera

Kumbal Perahera

The second night continues with larger crowds and more elaborate performances of traditional arts.

11th August 2024

06:06 PM

03rd Perahera

Kumbal Perahera

The third night sees the addition of more elephants and cultural troupes to the grand procession.

12th August 2024

07:22 PM

04th Perahera

Kumbal Perahera

The fourth night increases in splendor with a heightened display of lights and decorations.

13th August 2024

07:20 PM

05th Perahera

Kumbal Perahera

The final night of Kumbal Perahera builds anticipation with the full parade in full swing.

14th August 2024

07:15 PM

01st Randoli

Randoli Perahera

The first night of Randoli Perahera introduces the more sacred and significant aspects of the festival.

15th August 2024

06:45 PM

02nd Randoli

Randoli Perahera

The second night of Randoli Perahera features more ceremonial rituals and grander decorations.

16th August 2024

07:08 PM

03rd Randoli

Randoli Perahera

The third night showcases the beautifully adorned elephants, carrying the golden casket.

17th August 2024

06:51 PM

04th Randoli

Randoli Perahera

The fourth night further amplifies the spectacle with additional cultural performances and participants.

18th August 2024

06:40 PM

The Grand Randoli Procession

Final Randoli Perahera

The final night of Randoli Perahera culminates in the most magnificent display, drawing vast crowds..

19th August 2024

06:57 PM

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The Kandy Esala Perahera Festival

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