20-Day Exploration Tour of Sri Lanka

Discover Sri Lanka's rich culture on our 20-day journey. Explore heritage sites, markets, and temples, immersing yourself in its essence and creating unforgettable memories.

Tour's Key Highlights and Features

Embark on a 20-day exploration of Sri Lanka that combines serene beaches, rich historical sites, and
thrilling wildlife encounters. Begin your journey in Negombo or Katunayaka, where the comforting
breezes of the Indian Ocean welcome you. Venture south to the surfing paradises of Hikkaduwa and the
tranquil shores of Unawatuna. Explore the majestic Galle Fort, a relic of colonial times that stands as a
bastion of history and culture.

Discover the Beauty of Sri Lanka

Day 1: Arrival - Negombo or Katunayaka

Start your adventure by meeting your driver at the airport, followed by a transfer to your hotel in either
Negombo or Katunayaka. Relax and settle in after your flight.

Day 2: Hikkaduwa

Visit Hikkaduwa, known for its vibrant surf scene and beautiful beaches. Explore the Hikkaduwa National
Park, a coral sanctuary rich with marine turtles and exotic fish .

Day 3: Unawatuna and Galle

In Unawatuna, visit the Japanese Peace Pagoda for stunning ocean views and learn about marine
conservation at the Sea Turtle Farm and Hatchery. Later, explore Galle’s historical fort, a testament to
Portuguese, Dutch, and British influences over the centuries .

Day 4: Mirissa to Tissamaharama

Enjoy the lively beach and nightlife in Mirissa, a hub for whale and dolphin watching. Drive to
Tissamaharama, visiting historical and natural sites along the way .

Day 5: Safari in Yala National Park

Experience a safari in Yala National Park, known for its dense leopard population as well as elephants,
crocodiles, and numerous bird species .

Day 6: Ella

Drive to Ella, visiting the Buduruwagala temple en route. Explore the temple’s ancient Buddhist statues
dating back to the 10th century. Also, visit Ravana Ella Falls, named after the legendary king Ravana,
connected to the Indian epic, the Ramayana .

Day 7: Ella Exploration

Optional hikes in Ella include Ella Rock and Little Adam’s Peak for breathtaking views, and a visit to the
Nine Arch Bridge, a marvel of colonial-era railway construction .

Day 8: Ella to Nanuoya by Train

Take one of the world’s most scenic train rides from Ella to Nanuoya. Visit Victoria Park and a local tea
plantation in Nuwara Eliya, exploring the heart of Sri Lanka’s tea country

Day 9: Kandy

City tour in Kandy, including the Temple of the Tooth, which houses the sacred tooth relic of Buddha,
and Kandy Lake, a significant and historic body of water adjacent to the temple.

Day 10: Cultural Sites in Kandy

Visit the National Museum of Kandy and a local Batik Factory to discover traditional Sri Lankan craft
techniques. Attend a cultural show in Kandy to experience a variety of Sri Lankan dance types and
cultural heritage .

Day 11: Kandy to Nuwara Eliya

Drive to Nuwara Eliya, visiting the Royal Botanic Gardens, Tea Plantation, and enjoying the cool climate
of this hill city known as “Little England” .

Day 12-13: Horton Plains and Ohiya

Explore Horton Plains National Park early in the morning. Experience the unique flora and fauna of this
montane grassland and cloud forest. Optionally, continue to Ella by train from Ohiya for further
exploration of the area’s natural beauty .

Day 14: Leisure in Ella

Optional activities in Ella such as visiting the Ella Spice Garden, and further exploration of its natural sites
like the Ravana Ella Cave and Buduruwagala temple .

Day 15-16: Tissamaharama and Yala Safari

Drive to Tissamaharama, using it as a base for a second visit to Yala National Park for another safari
experience, potentially spotting leopards and other wildlife .

Day 17: Mirissa and Unawatuna

Optional visits in Mirissa for beach activities and marine life watching. Explore more of Unawatuna and
revisit Galle for further immersion in its colonial history and vibrant local life .

Day 18-20: Hikkaduwa and Negombo

Return to Hikkaduwa for additional beach time and exploration of its coral sanctuaries. Conclude the
tour in Negombo, enjoying its beaches and a final city tour of Colombo, capturing the essence of Sri
Lankan urban culture before departure .

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